Welcome to my home away from home. I'm Ginni Snodgrass, a Quality Assurance Manager for the Software Development Industry. Having been a salesperson most of my life, I gave it up several years ago and returned to school to study computers and management. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Management and Organizational Leadership from George Fox University. Soon I will begin work on a Masters degree.

IT (information technology) is my vocation, and adoption reform is my avocation. Until returning to college I spent eight years in the adoption reform movement. It was a challenging and enlightening time. My Senior Research Project for George Fox University was on adoption reunions. To learn more about adoption search, reunion, and reform, select the link below to the ANSRS, Inc Web site.

I receive pleasure from researching Bohemian-Czechoslovakian Porcelain. There are hundreds of Marks on my Collection Web site. Hawaii is another of my interests. I wish I lived there, but until I do, I create a tropical environment in the cold Pacific Northwest.

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