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Adoption Reunion Research and Study

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Adoption Reunion Satisfaction and Success:
The Perceived Effects of Reunion

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Project Information:

I graduated from George Fox University, Newberg, Oregon, August, 1999 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. As partial fulfillment of graduation requirements I was required to do a Senior Research Project (SRP). I chose adoption as the basis for the research. There are many issues within the issue of adoption. I wanted to formally study everything, but realistically I had to limit the project to one small area, adoption reunions between adult adoptees and birthparents of adult adoptees. To complete the research I invited reunited adult adoptees and birthparents of adult adoptees to complete an extensive questionnaire. Additionally I researched existing literature review on adoption reunions.

The project is beneficial because it is important that those working in adoptions understand the possible outcomes of reunions. I anticipated gaining information that would be useful to adoptees and birthparents before, during, and after a reunion.

The complete project took eleven months to do. The questionnaires were active from February 8, 1999 to March 31, 1999. You can read the questionnaires, but any responses you make will not be recorded. You may view the questionnaires at: Questionnaire Links.

The results of the project (as required for my degree) are now completed. However, I am not finished working with the data I collected during the project. In time, I will be doing further analysis of the responses I received. There was much more information available than what the project reports. Additionally, I hope to publish several short articles based on the projects data. Check back here for updated information and new articles.

Project Index: Abstract - Questionnaires - Schedule - Participant Summary - Slide Presentation - Message to Participants

Please note: I am dissatisfied with the project as it is currently written. Because of demands by the school I was required to re-write portions of my findings. The faculty of George Fox University would not allow me to make strong positive statements concerning the results of satisfaction and effects of reunion. This researcherís primary instructor felt that there are "many" people who do not want a reunion, and these people were not represented in this project. There are at least two arguments against this fallacy contained within the project itself.

The full project report is a 164 page document. Too large to put on the Internet. However, a Participants' summary of the survey may be found at: Participant Summary, as of February 2000.

A facsimile of the slide presentation given for final acceptance may be seen at: Slide Presentation. Not here yet. Again, in time, I hope to make a CD available of the full 20 minute presentation with graphics and audio.

Researcher Profile:

I am a reunited adoptee from Oregon. I was reunited with my birthmother, Millie Brown, October 17, 1985. My reunion had such an impact on my life I became active in the adoption reform movement. I worked in the reform movement from 1986 until 1994, when I returned to school. My future activities in the reform movement, now that I have completed my degree, will be in the area of research. Watch the ANSRS main page and my home page for future research projects in which you can participate.

Project Index: Abstract - Questionnaires - Schedule - Participant Summary - Slide Presentation - Message to Participants

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